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muscle testing classes Washington, DC

Professional Applied Kinesiology course

  • I am currently not teaching the Applied Kinesiology basic certification course that is through the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK) here in the US. If you want to find a course near you click here.
  • One weekend muscle testing classes on various subjects for health care professionals.
  • Classes for the general public on how to use muscle testing in their everyday life.

 Applied Kinesiology Extremity Course onlineExtremity adjusting course

An extensive asset for health care professionals to learn extremity adjusting, associated muscle tests, and related clinical information for treatment.

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Finally an Affordable and Convenient Way to Study AK

MuscleTestingTrainingPackage Includes:

  • Training Videos
  • Muscle testing videos
  • AK Basic Course Notes

Applied Kinesiology Course notes

AK course notes

AK course notes

A digital manual for the AK 100 hour course. Techniques are alphabetically listed for easy access in a searchable PDF. Please note that there is no physical copy that will be sent, this is a downloadable PDF that you can take to a copy shop to have it printed and bound if you so choose.

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Dr. Ciprian’s self help online classes:Processing Emotions

Processing emotions online class

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Muscle Testing 101: an introduction to basic muscle testing

Learn how to muscle test Portland, OR

Muscle testing 101

Washington, DC
August 12, 2018

Learn how to know what is good for you!

Muscles turn on and off as a regular function of the body. Muscles are also influenced by the energies of the mind and body. If something is good for you, a muscle will stay strong. If something in bad for you it will become weak.

What can you use muscle testing for?

Of course I use muscle testing with my Patients. But I also use it personally, as a guide in my life. I regularly will test foods, supplements, and other physical things I use on a daily basis to see if they are good for me.

Muscle testing also taps into your subconscious mind, and thus what has been called the “collective consciousness” that we all have a connection to through our subconscious. With the proper training and focus you can ask almost anything with muscle testing to see if it is a good thing for you or not. What you can’t ask about is the future, but anything in the present and past are fair game.

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Applied Kinesiology Acupuncture Meridian Therapy Seminar

Muscle testing acupuncture meridians Portland

If you wanted to learn about Applied Kinesiology without the commitment of the 8 weekend course, you can do the one weekend Meridian class and see how you like it. Or if you have no intention of doing the full certification course and want to just learn this one topic, this is what you will learn:

  • Applied Kinesiology meridian diagnosis and holistic treatment procedures
  • Posture and gait correlations for related meridians
  • Using meridian therapy for overall health balance
  • Using meridian therapy for pain relief
  • Spinal and extremity correlations for meridian therapy
  • Relations of emotions and meridians and how to treat them
  • Specific meridian related clinical nutrition

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