Muscles are related to Acupuncture Meridians

See Acupuncture Meridians by looking at Muscles

Muscles are related to Acupuncture Meridians

A high shoulder, as seen on her right, can be related to an inhibited Latissimus Dorsi muscle which is related to the Spleen Meridian

Dr. George Goodheart was a true genius and I am very grateful to of least spent a small amount of time with him. He was the person responsible for the rediscovery of “Muscle Testing” and the knowledge of muscles being related to organs, glands and their related acupuncture meridians (which seems to have been known in prehistoric times according to the Egyptian Papyrus Ebers 1150B.C.).

Act as if you have an intuitive ability to know what is going on with a person’s health

So if you think about it, if a health care professional knows the relations of the muscles and the meridians, and has s good knowledge of  posture, gait (walking and running biomechanics) then they can simply observe someone walk or run and know what is going on internally. By observing the person from the outside they can read what is going on internally.

Correlations of Acupuncture Meridians and Muscles

Muscle correlations with Acupuncture Meridians

In turn, if someone has a structural imbalance, joint injury, muscle pain, the related Acupuncture Meridians can be assessed to to if there is a relation. This is part of a holistic approach to health.

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