Muscle Testing Meridian Therapy Class

Applied Kinesiology Acupuncture Meridian Therapy Seminar 

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I have been learning about natural healing methods for over 15 years now. I had many of my own health problems that I was seeking answers for, and this led me to many different types of healing methods. Many of these methods that I learned helped the people that I used them on, but I was still lost in a jungle without a compass and a machete with my own health challenges.

Muscle testing acupuncture meridians Portland

Applied Kinesiology Acupuncture Meridian Therapy. A Muscle Testing Seminar in Portland, Oregon

I then met Dr. Timothy Francis, who had been learning these techniques for many years more than I had. Dr. Francis was trained by and became close with some of the greatest natural doctors of our time.

He had the compass and the machete that I needed to be helped with my own health challenges. It was like night and day for me. After years of ill health, I felt better and watched as my body changed right before my eyes.

I knew that this was the man to follow. He is a genius. After persuading him for a long period of time, he did take me under his wing, and I studied with him for over a decade. I learned what worked and what didn’t work in the natural medicine field. I learned what to study, who to follow and how to think closer to the way he did.

His goal has always been to get the patient well as quick and as completely as possible.

After helping Dr. Francis teach for years and years, he decided to cut back his teaching schedule, and I started teaching at this point. I used his methods to teach health care professionals how to holistically help their patients heal. I was stunned at how amazed these doctors were. Doctors came back to me with amazing stories about how they were able to help their patients quicker and easier than ever before.

From here, I began to have a passion for spreading the word. I love helping people in my practice, but I found that replicating what I can do in other doctors was even more rewarding for me.

Applied Kinesiology Meridian Therapy Class

Deltoid is related to the Lung Meridian

Through the years I learned that using an easy method of diagnosing the Chinese medicine acupuncture meridians with Applied Kinesiology was often one of the quickest ways to help a patient with any problem they have.

With this Applied Kinesiology acupuncture meridian diagnosis system, that was originally put together by Dr. George Goodheart, you quickly learn to treat your patients in a way that addresses:

  • The structural components of the body.
  • The biochemical components of the body.
  • The emotional components of the body.
  • The energetic/acupuncture meridian components of the body.

With the Applied Kinesiology meridian diagnosis, you will look into all of the above factors of the person to find the weakest link in their health.

You will learn how to address any of these health challenges, and you will see immediate results with your patient.

I have seen seasoned health care professionals who learned this method of diagnosing and treating the body become blown away at how easy it is to help their patients. I’ve even seen doctors’ practices explode with more business after using methods like this.

I’ve seen seasoned acupuncturists amazed at this method. Yes, I’m talking about professionals who have studied this material for years but have never seen it presented in such an easy way that incorporates all aspects of health.

  • Structural
  • Biochemical
  • Emotional
  • Energetic

Dr. George Goodheart, who was one of Dr. Francis’ main influences, was a genius. No, seriously… a real genius. He was cited by TIME magazine as one of the alternative medicine pioneers of the 20th century.

Dr. Goodheart was one of the first chiropractors to teach about chinese medicine in the US. He started teaching chinese medicine and how to use it with muscle testing back in 1970. Dr. Goodheart was the type of person who would study other peoples work and apply it in ways that were ground breaking. The way he used it was different, but it worked easily and effectively.

What is one of the most important things that you can do for you patient?

I teach the AK basic certification course, an 8 weekend long course, and the acupuncture meridian therapy treatment is one of my favorite topics. I always tell my students that this is one of the most important things to treat with their patients. No matter how complex the patient’s health problems are, this is the one protocol that can be done that will absolutely point them in the direction of better health.

I encounter some very, very challenging patients in my practice. Some of these patients have been to many other practitioners. They have trekked through the conventional medical field as well as the natural health care fields without results. Sometimes, I am their last resort, their last hope.

No matter what their health concern is, I always do the same thing.

This is what I do on all of my patients. Are you ready…here is my big secret! I use Applied Kinesiology meridian diagnosis to find out what the most depleted aspect of their health is. I then surround it with treatment to the related structural, bio-chemical, emotional and energetic factors that are related to it.

Now don’t get me wrong. I do have lots of tricks up my sleeve, but the Applied Kinesiology Meridian treatment is one of the most important. It is also one of the easiest methods to teach in a small amount of time with the biggest results. It can be taught to health care professionals in one weekend, and they don’t even need to have prior muscle testing experience. I’m going to teach the muscle tests that are needed in the same weekend.

I’ve seen many others learn this method, apply it to their field of medicine, and experience immediate success.

For some people, this is enough to fulfill them in their practice. Others may become hungry for even more knowledge and wind up studying the entire range of Applied Kinesiology methods in the basic 8 weekend certification course.

I know many people who find the field of Applied Kinesiology fascinating and want to learn it, but they feel that the 8 weekend basic course is too much to take on. I also know of others who aren’t sure if the basic certification course is for them, so they take the single weekend Applied Kinesiology Meridian class, and then progress on to the full certification course later because they realized that Applied Kinesiology was the right thing for them.

Then again, there are those who are very skilled at Applied Kinesiology and may want to learn more about the meridian therapy topic.

So here is your chance. If you wanted to learn about Applied Kinesiology without the commitment of the 8 weekend course, you can do the one weekend Meridian class and see how you like it. If you have no intention of doing the full certification course and want to simply learn this one topic, this is what you will learn:

  • Applied Kinesiology meridian diagnosis and holistic treatment procedures
  • Posture and gait correlations for related meridians
  •  Which muscles are related to which meridians
  • Using meridian therapy for overall health balance
  • Using meridian therapy for pain relief
  • Spinal and extremity correlations for meridian therapy
  • Relations of emotions to meridians and how to treat them
  • Specific meridian related clinical nutrition

Recall I said that this is one of the best things that you can do for your patient. Well, there is another technique that is quick to check with your patients, and is also one of the top priorities in health. This technique is called “Neurological Disorganization”.

I feel that it is so important to correct neurological disorganization that I am also going to show you how to do it in the Applied Kinesiology Meridian Therapy class.

You will then have two of the most powerful tools in natural medicine, in your tool box. You will use these for the rest of your career to help patients where other doctors cannot. These two tools are some of the reasons that I am a doctor of last resort for patients. When you can help a patient on this level, you are ahead of the pack.

This is a stand alone, one weekend class for health care professionals of any type. You don’t have to know Applied Kinesiology or muscle testing. This class is designed for beginners, but will also have good information for the seasoned muscle testers. We will not be using methods that puncture the skin, but if you are licensed to do so, you will be able to implement needling very easily.

This method is easy to learn, quick to implement in the office, and extremely powerful in addressing your client’s health challenges.

Here is a video of what you will learn to do, in just one weekend.

What have others said about this class and Dr. Robert Ciprian’s Seminars?

“Dr. Ciprian is a wonderful instructor, I learned techniques to start helping
patients immediately, the lectures were well organized and the notes were an excellent resource.  I would strongly recommend this course to any one who is interested in Apllied Kinesiology and wants to get a very solid grasp of the basics and beyond.”                      ~Tony Murczek, L.Ac, ND

“On behalf of the Applied Kinesiology Club at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, I would like to warmly thank you for coming to teach the AK Meridian Therapy Seminar. This was a valuable experience for several students… Their careers will be forever changed and your dedication to teaching has largely impacted their paths.”
~Angela Darragh
President, SCNM AK Club

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If you have any questions or if you wish to know if the AK Meridian Therapy Seminar is right for you, please feel free to call me or contact me here. Click to contact Dr. Robert Ciprian.


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16 Responses to Muscle Testing Meridian Therapy Class

  1. I am wondering when you will be teaching this AK/Meridian Therapy seminar again in the Portland area…

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  5. Jason says:

    I am a osteopathic PT. Can PTs take this course? I already use AK principles.

    • Jason says:

      No response? I promote chiropractics. I despise most physical therapists (I am a PT) that make up my beloved field ruining our reputation with therex and modalities only when there is so much more that can be done. I make up the minority 10% that actually get patients better using osteopathy and working together with acupuncturists, naturopaths, and chiropractors to achieve optimal health. I am assuming by no response that PTs are not welcomed. Hopefully I am wrong. If not I have plenty of AK, Chapmans, acupuncture, and Goodheart books I can continue with. However, I am interested in the class and that is assuming I will not get credit for it. Despite CEUs or not, I am still interested.

      Thank you

      Jason Shiflett PT
      (Fellow manual practioner)

      • drciprian says:

        Hello Jason, Thank you for your interest! The ICAK-USA has a criteria of healthcare professionals who are licensed to diagnose in their states. If that includes you great! If you have any questions about the criteria please contact the ICAK-USA through their website:

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  7. Gabe says:

    Hello, I am an acupuncturist in Maine. Is there a online webinar I can take to learn muscle testing and incorporate into my practice? It seems there has not been a course available in some time.

    • drciprian says:

      Hello Gabe,
      I am planning on putting one together in the future and have already stated working on it. It can be good to do online although some people do need an instructor to help them with doing the physical muscle test in workshops. That is the only drawback to an online version.

  8. Samuel Riley says:

    Dr. Ciprian,
    Will you be teaching this course in the near future? I am a chiropractor from northern New Jersey.

    • drciprian says:

      Hello Doc, I don’t have any scheduled at the moment but I’m open to do one if there is enough interest.

  9. Christopher Greene says:

    Dr, Ciprian,

    Would really like to see this class offered. Anytime soon? Or do you offer individual instruction. Thanks.

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