Muscle – Acupuncture Meridian relations

Muscle relations to Acupuncture Meridians

Through his brilliance and curiosity, Dr. George Goodheart rediscovered what the ancient Egyptians knew thousands of years ago, there are muscle relations to acupuncture meridians. What are the implications of this?  If I know the muscle relations, I can use that knowledge to diagnose what is internally happening in your body for the reason that these meridians influence your physical organs.

Posture and gait

If we are aware of the muscle relations to the meridians, we can observe the way someone stands, walks, or runs and make an assessment of what is going on with their health. For years applied kinesiologists have been using posture and gait analysis to help with diagnosis. Most noteworthy, this can make the doctor seem like a psychic because they can spot internal health problems by watching how you may carry yourself.

Muscle testing

Learning how to test muscles for conditional facilitation and inhibition (to see if they are on or off) is a valuable tool. This can help us decide what is functioning or not in your body. Further more, we can challenge your body in many different ways to observe changes. This will bring an awareness of a possible underlying problems:

  • Structurally: move a joint, a muscle, a ligament into a certain direction. A resulting weakness will indicate an underlying problem because the previously strong muscles went weak.
  • Chemically: expose you to a nutrient, food, or chemical to observe if it will be beneficial to you, or in contrast, harmful.
  • Emotionally: have you hold in mind a past event or similarly a current or possible future situation. If the result is a strong muscle weakening we may be able to conclude the mental stress is causing imbalances.

Even more, each muscle has many relations to it. As a seasoned applied kinesiologist, I would know these and apply them to muscle testing to find the best choice of therapy.

Example: Lung Meridian

Applied Kinesiology Meridian Therapy Class

Deltoid is related to the Lung Meridian

The lung meridian has many correlations:

  • Element – Metal
  • Time -3-5am
  • Muscle -Deltoid
  • Nutrient -Vitamin C
  • Emotion -Grief/Sadness
  • Spinal Correlation -T3-T4
  • Extremity Correlation -Acromioclavicular & Scaphoid
  • Action -Abduction of the humerus

From here I can use the deltoid muscle to see what will help with balancing the lung meridian.

Or if there is a mechanical imbalance in your shoulder, you can use the lung meridian to help rebalance the deltoid muscle.


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