Dr. Ciprian, chiropractor and applied kinesiologist

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Dr. Robert Ciprian

Dr. Robert Ciprian

I never planned on being a chiropractor or holistic doctor. Growing up in Queens, NY was a challenge for me. The neighborhood where my family lived was quieter and safer earlier in my childhood, but developed into a more dangerous one as I grew into my later teens. Basically by the end of junior high school my network of friends grew into a street gang.

I had health issues as a child, into my teens, and into my early twenties when I was starting my medical education. I had chronic immune system problems, digestive problems, allergies and respiratory infections to the extent that I would miss ten days of school at a time when I was sick.

There was a good friend of mine who was planning to become a chiropractor. This intrigued me. We had talked about some of the great things that was being done with chiropractic and I was really attracted to the “Alternative Medicine” aspect of it.

In my twenties, I started looking into becoming a chiropractor. My mother was going to one for a back injury and recommended I go too. So I also had some work done by him but I would only feel better temporarily. I accepted this is was just the way it was when going to a chiropractor. The fact that I was feeling better temporarily and seeing that he was doing well financially is what initially excited me to go to school.

I’m not going to lie. I got into it for the money but as you will see later, life had a different path for me. 

I moved out to Los Angeles, CA to finish my undergrad and start school at Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles (C.C.C.L.A.) in 1996.

In my first few weeks at CCCLA, I met a doctor, Dr. Howard Cohn, who came to speak to the students. He talked about the philosophy of having a successful alternative medicine practice and invited me to a health class that he put on every week to show patients what he does.

I went to his health class and there were about forty people there. He started with asking the audience, “if there is anything you would want to change about your health, what would it be?”

After discussing with the group what could cause the health issues that they wanted to change, he started a demonstration of how he helps his patients over come their health problems.

He started doing muscle testing on some of the selected audience members, showed examples of how he could solve their health challenges using the muscle tests to figure out what the cause was, and what the solution would be. There were examples that dealt with structural problems of the muscles and joints, with the chemistry of the body including digestion, hormones, immune system, nervous system and the emotions.

I knew then that this is what I needed to do! 

Originally, I wanted to become a chiropractor to do sports medicine and to make money. But after I saw what Dr. Cohn did everything changed. Now I wanted to learn as much as I could about muscle testing. To help people with much more, with their entire state of well being. I wanted to show people what was possible.

I was amazed at how muscle testing could be used as a diagnostic tool to show the doctor what was wrong with the body. It is like when you bring you car into the mechanics shop and they hook up the computer to see what the problem is. It tells the mechanic what is not working right, and the mechanic then figures out how to fix it.

I started to learn from many different muscle testing teachers while I was in school at CCCLA. My main focus was Applied Kinesiology (AK)- an eight weekend certification course that applies muscle testing to what doctors have already learned in school. I was excited and I started helping many people with their health, but my health was becoming worse and worse.

I was actually starting to fail out of classes because I couldn’t focus. My learning disabilities were getting worse and all of my earlier health issue came back with a vengeance. It was at the point where I couldn’t get out of bed or eat for days at a time.

Then I finally found help for my own health issues.

At almost every Applied Kinesiology and muscle testing seminar I went to there was this doctor that was very well know in the community. Dr. Timothy Francis of Las Vegas, NV. It seemed that all of the top doctors in the field were being treated by him and would refer to him on a regular basis. I didn’t have anything to lose, because no one else was able to help me at this point, so I had to give him a try.

I drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and had a session with Dr. Francis. After the session I was a different person. I felt lighter, could think straight, everything that I saw was more vivid in color and clarity. I felt better, better then I thought I could ever feel. People remarked that I actually looked different after that. My facial structure actually changed after that day.

I started to follow Dr. Francis around for over fifteen years, learning from him and from who ever he recommended. I became a teaching assistant for him in his Applied Kinesiology certification courses and eventually attained my teaching credentials with the International Board of Applied Kinesiology.

My life has never been the same. I have been using muscle testing in practice for about 20 years,  teaching others how to use it professionally and in their private lives ever since I graduated school. I am grateful for my life as a chiropractor and holistic doctor.

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  1. susan gaustad says:

    Hi, Dr. Ciprian!
    Just a comment. Dr. David Hawkins is a cult leader. Be careful.

  2. teri says:

    Hi Dr. Ciprian,

    I have a question about my health.

    I saw your video about what you eat affecting your muscles. in the video you test her SCM muscles and they are strong. Then you give her wheat and they both go weak.

    I have my left SCM muscle that contracts continuously. It pulls my head to the right. It’s like in a loop but it’s going on 3 years now.
    One neuologist said I have cervical dystonia. Another Neurologist tested me with nerve conduction and said I do not have cervical dystonia. I don’t believe in labels but I cannot get this muscle to stop contracting.

    You said the SCM muscle relates to the stomach. I don’t have stomach issues that I know of.

    What foods would make one SCM weak (my right) and the other agressive(Left), contracting continuously?

    I hope you can help me. I had muscle testing 5 times and what ever herbs, etc they told me to take did not help.

    I am a fitness instructor, eat a healthy diet, don’t drink, no drugs, etc.

    I don’t eat wheat, nor corn, refined sugar, or soy. I do eat organic yogurt, goat cheese, yogurt cheese . I do have coconut milk and coconut oil.

    Please, Dr. Cirprian, any information you can give me will be truly appreciated.

    Can you please contact me at my email address that I stated above.

    Thanks so much.


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