Muscle Testing Videos

Muscle testing Videos

Muscle Testing Training
Extremity adjusting course

Here is a series of videos that are the golden basics to follow when using applied kinesiology to fix any joint. If you get these down, you will be a master at fixing most extremity issues.

If you are feeling what I have to give, check out the Muscle Testing Training Extremity Course.  In this online course you will have access to:

  • 4 easily navigated modules
  • 25 adjustment videos
  • Correlated muscle test videos
  • Associated clinical information
  • Instant access form any device

These are the bare basics that have help me with success in working with many difficult patients. The Extremity Course will guide you to being effective in treating your most difficult patients. Click here to learn more.


Finally an Affordable and Convenient Way to Study AKMuscleTestingTraining

Package Includes:

  • Muscle testing videos
  • AK Basic Course Notes

Applied Kinesiology Course notes

AK course notes

AK course notes

A digital manual for the AK 100 hour course. Techniques are alphabetically listed for easy access in a searchable PDF. Please note that there is no physical copy that will be sent, this is a downloadable PDF that you can take to a copy shop to have it printed and bound if you so choose.

Click here now to purchase.

Disclaimer – Video instruction is not a substitute for in-person instruction and shall not be responsible for your execution of these techniques
By accessing this video, you agree that video education is not a substitute for in-person, supervised instruction, but rather is a supplement to in-person instruction. By accessing this video, you agree that Dr. Robert Ciprian, DC and [name of the organization] is not responsible for the practitioner’s execution of the displayed techniques and that you, Practitioner, will exercise reasonable and prudent caution in applying the techniques you learn here to your patients. Should there be any harm caused to any patient of Practitioner’s, the Practitioner executing the technique shall be wholly responsible for the harm, regardless of where or from whom he or she learned the technique applied to the harmed patient. The Practitioner shall indemnify and hold harmless Dr. Robert Ciprian, DC and the ICAK should any suit be filed against Dr. Robert Ciprian, DC or [name of the organization] by a patient harmed by the Practitioner who has been instructed by Dr. Robert Ciprian, DC and/or the ICAK.

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  1. Evelyn says:

    Please send me an email when you have more Dvd’s for Muscle testing in stock.

    • drciprian says:

      Hello Evelyn,
      I will be producing a Basic Muscle Tests download by the end of the summer as well as some other goodies. Please subscribe to my email list if you would like notification. Thank you for your interest!

  2. Joan Delyse Waters says:

    I am interested in your Meridians class when it comes to Portland, OR and in buying your muscle testing DVD. thanks

  3. HI

    when will they be available ?

    Dr. Marc

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