Your health is perfect

Letting your health shine through

Let your health shine through

Let your health shine through

Over the years I have had many patients with a myriad of symptoms at once. When I see a combination of health issues such as: Back pain, anxiety, digestive discomfort, or whatever they may be, I look right through the surface of the health persona. Because of my training, I know to look to the root of the cause of these issues or else we will just be chasing symptoms around for years. Being a doctor for nearly twenty years, I have seen a lot of difficult patients. I know that I need to acknowledge the presentation of symptoms that a patient has, and need to be concerned about them. But usually there is right combination to the lock that is blocking their health form shining through. I use my clinical experience, my intuition, and kinesiology muscle testing to get to the source of their health concerns.

The holistic concept of health

I want to share a concept with you. Your health is always there under the surface. It is shinning just like the sun. It is always there but sometimes the clouds, or health blockages, get in the way. As I approach you when you are asking for my help, I take this into consideration. I see you as someone who has perfect health already. Your body, bio-mechanically, can function perfectly. The metabolic pathways can do their job easily. Your emotions can be free flowing and not derail their life. The body is designed as a perfect machine. Problems occur when you create blockages, and then your body starts to not work efficiently anymore.

When you cause a problem with the body, and it doesn’t get corrected. It has an amazing ability to make compensations to keep functioning. This is how you survive. You may go years and years with these problems and your body will just keep laying down more and more compensations so that it can still function. Think of it as more and more clouds showing up to block out the sun. When this goes on for a long period of time. It takes longer and longer to correct the problems, to let your health shine through again. And as you go through this process of peeling away the layers, your health may feel worse at times as you hit pockets of problems that have been covered up. This can be part of healing.

Lets look at some examples:

  • You have a back injury. It may hurt for a few days then goes away. Then one day down the line you get neck tightness and you start having headaches. Then your shoulder starts to feel tightness and pain. Eventually you get knee problems. This can all go back to the original back injury.
  • You are finishing up college and you start skipping meals and eating fast food. Then you are working a job that demands a lot from you, and you start a habit of only drinking a smoothie for breakfast and not eating real, good food because you don’t have the time. You are trying to balance work and your family in your life while trying to stay physically fit at the gym. Eventually you can’t sleep well and start having anxiety. Then one day your health is so bad that you go to get a physical exam and you discover that you have an autoimmune disorder. This can all lead back to the stress on the body from not eating right.
  • You have a traumatic relationship when you are younger and you push it to the back of your mind to be strong because you don’t want it to interfere with you life. Then start having depress and anxiety. You can’t make relationships work in your life and just feel that everyone is hurting you emotionally. You start treating people in your life bad as a defense mechanism even though the are not really threatening your well being. If the original emotional trauma was worked with and released, It would not cause stress to the mind and in your future relationships.

Theses are just some examples of how problems can get worse over time. If you have chronic health issues, or if you have had some recent health issues, you should work with a holistic kinesiologist who can trace out the source of your problem, and not just help you cover them up. You don’t want to keep creating clouds to block out your health, which is always shinning like the sun.

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