What to do with the toughest patients!?!

Where to start with your toughest patients!

Muscle testing acupuncture meridians Washington, DC

Applied Kinesiology Acupuncture Meridian Therapy.

When I was a new doctor, I never worried about what to do with even the toughest patients. I learned from my mentors in Applied Kinesiology to look for the weakest part of the body and start from there. Typically I would asses the acupuncture meridians. It does not matter if you were suffering from a chronic disease, a headache, anxiety/depression, low back pain, or a freshly sprained ankle. Finding the weakest energy in your body is where I would start. This is how your body will show me what the biggest priority is.

Acupuncture meridians, another nervous system

The acupuncture meridians are pathways of energy that travel through designated areas in the body. So they are like another nervous system. Meridians are similar to nerves but they can not be seen (by most people). Although they can be traced with sensitive electrical equipment so we know they exist. These energy pathways transmit information, help to maintain balance in the body, supply energetic nourishment, and much more. They have an effect on the physical body (muscles, joints, fascia, etc.), the biochemistry of the body (endocrine/hormonal, digestion, metabolism, etc.), as well as the emotions (every meridian is related to several different emotions). When you aren’t sure where to start this is the best bet!

The big picture about health

I believe in keeping it simple. When you can do a quick, simple diagnosis and procedure that will help with the balance of your physical body, biochemistry, and emotions, you will help to bring on wellbeing with ease! My goal is to do the least amount of work that will have the greatest impact toward restoring wellbeing. Your body is designed to work perfectly and that is what we want it to do. My job is to find the blockages and confusion that causes health problems. Then I figure out the best way to resolve it. The goal is to restore the normal balance so that your body can do what it does best, function.

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