Chiropractic Washington DC – Food sensitivities affect your spine

Chiropractic adjustments are undermined by certain foods

Wheat, Corn, Milk products, Soy and Sugar are detrimental to spinal stability

Wheat is on the list of foods to avoid in keeping your body healthy.

Here is something that don’t know. The foods you eat have an affect on the muscles of your body. The bones of your spine are supported and guided by your muscles. You muscles can be affected by the foods you eat.

Food sensitivities cause more than allergic reactions and digestive problems

There are some foods that are on my “Stay away from” list.

  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Milk products (Butter is OK)
  • Soy
  • Refined Sugar

These foods will have an immediate affect on the muscles of your body. The best way to demonstrate this is to show you what happens.

Watch this video now that shows how foods can affect your muscles and joints.

To avoid your muscles from turning off like this stick to eating proteins, veggies and fruits as in the eating right diet. To learn more click here.

Have you ever eaten something and noticed that you neck, back or low back had pain or discomfort after? It can happen immediately or a day or two later. Be aware of what foods affect the way you feel and how your body works.

Even just tasting something can cause this reaction. As I showed in the above video just tasting the offending foods can turn off the muscles of your body.

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