Chiropractic Washington, DC – walking and your neck.

What most chiropractors don’t know, walking and your neck.

Upper gait and neck pain

Your walking mechanism should keep your neck pain free.

Has your chiropractor ever assessed the way you walk to work on your chronic neck problems? This should be pretty standard in the profession, or in any profession that deals with the muscles and joints of the body.

When you walk the muscles of the body turn on and off in a synchronized symphony of action. This is how one leg goes forward and the opposite arm goes forward (or at least is supposed to) and your head stays in place.

Muscles need to turn on and off for movement. This is how we move. 

In technical terms your walking action is called “Gait”. If you gait mechanism is not working properly you may notice some health problems. The muscles of the neck need to also turn on and off as you walk. If they don’t you can experience muscle spasms, tightness, pain, headaches. I won’t even get into the holistic aspects of what happens when your neck is out of function like digestive and hormonal dysfunction, low back pain, stress and more. Here is a great article by Dr. Phil Maffetone about how important proper walking is for you Click Here.

A professional applied kinesiologist is trained how to asses the muscles of the neck to see if they are working properly while you walk. Below is a video that shows it. Watch it now.

Upper gait assessment using applied kinesiology with Dr. Robert Ciprian Portland, chiropractor.

If the gait mechanism is not working well you can have chronic neck pain. Just think about it, if you go to your chiropractor and get adjusted or your massage therapist or who ever you have body work done by and they work on you and you feel great afterwards. But then you leave and later that day, or within the next few days the problems come back. This may be because your gait mechanism may not be working properly.

How do you have this fixed?

A trained professional applied kinesiologist will look to correct your gait imbalance by assessing and fixing the alignment of your neck, or maybe it’s due to something else like your acupuncture meridians, low back, feet, internal organs or even emotional stress. Your applied kinesiologist will know how to find out what the problem is.

If you are a health care professional who wants to learn about applied kinesiology treatment like this click here.

If you want to schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert Ciprian for applied kinesiology treatment click here.

Do you sometimes feel better or worse when you walk. Let us know…

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