Chiropractic Washington DC, your feet affect your back.

Things that most doctors don’t know – Chiropractic Washington, DC

foot problems can cause back and neck pain

Your feet are responsible for your spinal support.

Does your chiropractor look to your feet for your chronic neck or back pain? First of all your feet are the foundation for your body. If your feet are out of alignment, or if you are wearing shoes that are not healthy for you, you can have pain anywhere in the body, especially the low back and neck. Your feet are responsible for your “Positive Support Mechanism”. As your feet are flat on the floor and the arches of your foot (all three) are being equally stretched, your body turns on its spinal support muscles. This keeps your spine erect and keeps the healthy curves in your spine.

Watch this video on how the positive support mechanism works and how a professional applied kinesiologist will test to see if it is working properly.

Secondly, when you walk there is sensory information that is sent up to the brain from the feet that tell the body which muscles to turn on and off and at what time. This is a articulate and synergistic process and this timing is crucial for a healthy back and neck. If your feet are misaligned or if you are wearing shoes that are not good for you then this process might not be working properly.

Here is a post about the “upper gait” Click Here. Also stay tuned to see about what a good healthy shoe is.

A doctor who proficient in Professional Applied Kinesiology can diagnose your foot function and can see if your chronic problems are due to your feet. It is really a very simple process but it is one that most doctors don’t know.

If you are a health care professional who wants to learn about applied kinesiology treatment like this click here.

If you want to schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert Ciprian for applied kinesiology treatment click here.

Does your alternative medicine professional asses your feet for overall health concerns? Let us know…

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