Muscles and Acupuncture Meridians

Applied Kinesiology and body energy

Did you know that the muscles in the body are related to your organs?

Did you know that if your organs are not working well it can give you a shoulder problem, low back pain, neck problems or even a sprained ankle.

Your muscles are related to the energy of you internal organs or your “acupuncture meridians”.

Acupuncture meridians are defined patterns of energy that run through your body. Just like your veins and arteries where blood flows and nerves where chemical impulses flow, there are energy channels running through your body where energy flows. This energy relates to your organs and glands.

For more information about this acupuncture meridian energy listen to this episode of Get Fit Now Radio with Eleni K and I. May 10th, 2011 – Chinese Elements and Your Organs

One good example of how this works is with your spleen. Your spleen is related to you lower trapezius muscles. These muscles run form your shoulders to you low back. Now there are many reasons why your trapezius muscles may be weak but if it is from your spleen being imbalanced here are some other correlations.

  • Your spleen can be related to the emotions of “low self esteem” if it is weak.
  • Weak trapezius muscles cause your shoulders to slouch forward (low self esteem posture)
  • Weak spleen can also lead to a weak immune system and low energy.

Do you see the architecture of this? I think it is beautiful.

If you energetically have a spleen weakness it can lead to a physical spleen weakness, even eventually pathology.

All organs have related emotions. A spleen weakness can lead to “low self esteem”. I learned this form Dr. Scott Walker who put this type of information into a muscle testing technique called Neuro Emotional Technique.

Low self esteem

You energy determines your posture.

Muscles are related to the organs or functions of the of the body. The muscles that hold the shoulders back, stick out your chest and keep your spine erect are the lower trapezius. If they are turned off your shoulders roll forward, your chest sinks down and in and your spine leans forward. This is the posture we associate with low self esteem or depression.

Do you know that people with low self esteem may have depleted immune systems? People who are depressed get more colds, flus and health problems than people who are happy.

This is how a well trained Applied Kinesiologist sees people.

They will ask themselves, is their posture good? Are their muscles working properly? What are those muscles related to? How do I find out what they need to feel better, become healthier?

A well trained Applied Kinesiologist will then look the the muscles that are not working properly and find out what will make them work properly. Maybe they need chiropractic, nutritional supplements, emotional work or to have their acupuncture meridian system balanced.

When we find out what is blocking a person form feeling better or from health and restore proper function to their body, that person will usually naturally get better.

Once the muscles are working properly again the Applied Kinesiologist is confidant that they have helped that person. If the muscles are working better that means that the related organs are working better.

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