Chiropractic Washington, DC -Emotions and back pain

What most Chiropractors don’t know -emotions affect muscles.

Chiropractic Portland Emotions can cause health problems

Emotions can affect the muscles of your body

I guess I was lucky because I started out as a chiropractor who knew how emotions affected the body. Emotions aren’t just in your head, they go through your whole body.

Your organs have receptors in them just like your brain does. Emotions affect organs and organs are related to muscles. If you have an organ that is not balanced energetically, or physically, the related muscles may not turn on and off properly when you walk, run or bend. It can also not work properly with a kinesiological muscle test.

Watch this video now to see an example of how an Applied Kinesiology Chiropractor evaluates the body for emotional issues.

Emotions can affect your neck, low back, hips and any part of your body. 

Emotions can also cause digestive problems, immune systems problems and much more. A Professional Applied Kinesiologist can ask your body what is causing it’s health problems and find out if it is related to emotions. If the related muscle is not working properly the doctor can play detective and find out what the reason it. And the great thing is that the Applied Kinesiologist can also help you to heal the emotions and then your body will naturally start working properly again.

Here is an post that I did that shows more examples about how emotions affect the body  Click Here.

A great book that show how emotions can affect you is the classic “Your Body Doesn’t Lie” by Dr. John Diamond.

If you are a health care professional who wants to learn about applied kinesiology treatment like this click here.

If you want to schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert Ciprian for applied kinesiology treatment click here.

Have you ever noticed when you became really stressed and you felt your neck or back go out? I have! Were you able to relax you emotions and feel you body recover? Let us know what you did…

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