Chiropractic Washington, DC -Shoulder problems lead to neck pain

What most Chiropractors don’t know, Chronic neck pain can be from the shoulder.

Chiropractic Portland -Shoulder problems can lead to neck pain

The upper trapezius muscle supports the shoulder and neck.

While working for over 15 years with applied kinesiology and chiropractic I have learned that all parts of the body are connected. Some connections are more common sense and some are more conceptual.

Chronic neck problems being caused by the shoulder not working properly is a common sense one but it also one that most doctors and chiropractors overlook.

With applied kinesiology muscle testing evaluation and treatment imbalances in muscles such as the upper trapezius can be easily fixed.

Watch this video to see how an applied kinesiology doctor can evaluate the shoulder.

With muscle testing, a skilled doctor can easily see if a joint is misaligned, this is the most important step in any type of joint pain or tightness. Then once the treatment has been administered the muscle test is done again to see if the treatment has solved the problem.

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