Neuro Linguistic Programming

Using rapport in the health care field

Dr. Ciprian at Univeristy of Maryland

Dr. Ciprian and Dr. Amanda Thompson at the University of Maryland

Dr. Amanda Thompson and I were recently invited to speak at the University of Maryland about communication in the health care field. My topic of choice was the technique of “Rapport” from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

NLP is like the Applied Kinesiology of the psychological field to me (an underdog that can do amazing things). The techniques of rapport are some of the most basic and important in my opinion.

Building rapport with patients helps to bring trust, understanding, and respect! These are things that are lacking in the United States’ health care system today. Patients are just run through a medical machine and only have a few minutes to spend with a doctor. I prefer to have a boutique practice where I can spend more time with a patient and really get to the core of where their health concerns are coming from!

In the holistic medicine field, we really need to figure out the source of a patients’ problems. That can take time, exploration, and trust. We may spend more time per office visit but overall we will keep that patient out of the doctor’s office. That is out goal!

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