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Believe in your ability to heal

Don’t always believe what you are told about your destiny I’ve been extremely lucky to of had some miraculous mentors in my career. Over and over again I’ve heard of or personally witnessed supposed miracles. We are all very susceptible … Continue reading

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Dr. Ciprian at University of Western States August 13, 2012

Monday at the University of Western States Chiropractic College. What Most Doctors Don’t know. I’m honored to be invited to give a talk at the UWS Chiropractic College this Monday. I will be lecturing about “What Most Doctors Don’t Know”. … Continue reading

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Heart health and much more!

Physical, emotional, and spiritual associations of the heart Heart disease is one of the largest killers in the United States. Diet, exercise and stress┬ádo affect the health of you heart but there is some much more involved than you may … Continue reading

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Mind Body Connection

Emotional connections to health I regularly work with people who have a lot of stress going on in their lives and then do┬áhave some sort of health problem manifest as a result of it. I always look into what is … Continue reading

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