Muscle symmetry as an indicator of health

Muscle symmetry and dural torque

Muscle Balance is an indicator of health

When you are healthy and balanced the musculature of your body follows. When you see someone standing, walking or running and their left and right are evenly balanced the body is working with efficiency. This is important for endurance and performance. This is also important indicator of how healthy we are. Muscular imbalance and asymmetry is a sign of a problem in the body. Symmetry also equals beauty. The more symmetry that we have the more attractive we appear to others. This is a natural selection indicator to seek out healthy partners.

If we are not symmetrical, the problem can be musculoskeletal, biochemical, emotional, and/or electromagnetic in nature. The good thing is that we can use the musculature of the body as a direct indicator to find out what is wrong.

Muscle imbalance as a body indicator

Applied Kinesiology leg turn in test

A balanced leg turn in test.

In Applied Kinesiology we are trained to use a “leg turn in” test for check for balance in the body. This is done by having the patient relax and them internally rotating their legs and feet to see if both sides are even.

If they are not even we use our diagnosis methods of Applied Kinesiology to find out what will even out the body’s musculature. If the body musculature is then even, we can challenge the body to find out if something will throw the symmetry off, thus being bad for your health.

Challenging the body to see what is good for it and what is not

Usually manipulated water is not healthy for us. This one is alkalized to 9.5ph and is reverse osmosis filtered.

As a quick scan to see what is good for an individual or not I use the leg turn in test. If the legs are even I can expose the person to something to see if this substance, food, supplement, product, thought, etc. will alter their body’s balance.

Recently I saw a new type of water that is being touted to have health benefits. I am usually skeptical of manipulated water products like alkalized or reverse osmosis water. So I tested the water against this subject’s even leg turn in test.

Instantaneous results

When I exposed a substance, thought or energy to the body it will respond immediately. This is one of the most important aspects of using Applied Kinesiology, the immediate feedback by the body to see of something is beneficial or not.

The manipulated water that we exposed her body to created an imbalance. You can see the her right leg now turns in slightly more than the left.

After I exposed the subject’s body to the alkalized, reverse osmosis water the immediate result was that the right side of her body weakened. This tells me that the water would create an imbalance in her balanced body (It would cause her to have health problems).

This method can be used to test for food sensitivities, allergies, supplements, medications, therapies, electromagnetic sensitivities, etc…

A leg turn in test like this is just one tool that is taught in the Basic Applied Kinesiology course and that is used by professional Applied Kinesiologists. 

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