MTV, Allergies and Applied Kinesiology

Muscle testing gets to the source of allergies on MTV.

A muscle testing applied kinesiology allergy treatment was recently shown on MTV’s show True Life. The episode was called “I’m Allergic To Everything”. The show was about two young adults that had major and serious allergic reactions to most of the foods that they ate. We are talking about anaphylactic type allergic reactions here which can be very serious.


Digestive problems can lead to allergic reactions

The boy that was shown in MTV’s True Life was only able to eat a few bland foods and had to supplement with large quantities of a nutritional formula which he could headly get down on a daily basis. The girl that was shown was also on a conventional medical protocol of identifying what foods she was allergic to and avoiding them.

She was fed up with conventional medicine not having a solution for her.

But the girl wanted to try something that was outside of the conventional medical care. She went to see Dr. Tom Roselle, an applied kinesiologist. To the family and the young lady it must of seemed like a freak show, but they had faith that he could help her.

Here is the episode of MTV’s True Life I’m Allergic to everything.

The Applied Kinesiologist was the only one that had a solution beside not eating food.

As you’ve seen on the show, Dr. Roselle was the only one who was able to think outside of the conventional mind set and had a solution to help the girl. His plan was to get off of the specific foods that were causing the reactions, to help her body to be more resilient and to remove the blocks that were causing her to have a poor digestive system.

Basically he helped her body to fix itself. This is what applied kinesiologist and well trained muscle testing doctors do. They look to all aspects of a person’s health. The physical body, the biochemical aspects, the emotional and energetic function of the body.


Adrenal gland weakness can lead to allergies

Most of the time with allergic reactions the main problem is that the digestion and adrenal glands are not working properly.

  • If the digestive system is not functioning properly, your food may not be digesting properly.
  • You may as a result have leaky gut syndrome. This means that you will be putting undigested food into your blood stream. Then your body creates an immune response against these foods (allergies or autoimmune diseases).
  • You intestines will be toxic. Most people worry about environmental toxins but if your digestion is not working properly you will be causing a toxic environment internally.
  • Your adrenal glands make epinephrine (this is what is in the “epi-pen” that the girl had to inject herself with to stop the allergic reactions) and they also make cortisone which is anti-inflammatory. Your adrenal glands help to reduce allergic reactions, keep the lungs open, reduce inflammation and much more.

There are many other factors that contribute to poor digestion and adrenal gland health. Diet is one of the most important. As you can see in the show, the girl was eating mostly prepackaged foods. This is bad news.

Most prepackaged foods have

  • Artificial ingredients
  • Synthetically made flavorings
  • Preservatives
  • Refined foods that don’t have good nutritional value

This causes major imbalances in the body. Not to mention the large amounts of gluten that she was trying to put into her body. After Dr. Roselle had treated her for a while and she didn’t have a reaction for an extended period of time. Then she ate chinese food. This caused another reaction. It was probably due to gluten and MSG which is in most chinese and refined foods. Her body was getting better but but not strong enough to eat something like this.

I’m sure that she learned about eating right and succeeded with the treatment.

What did you think about the two different way of treating for allergies. Have you ever dealt with anything like this? Let us know…


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