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Applied Kinesiology Portland, Oregon 2012

It’s that time again! We are setting up the Applied Kinesiology Course for health care professionals in the Pacific Northwest. I’m really excited to have the course at The University of Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon for this season!

Applied KInesiology seminars Portland, Oregon

Applied Kinesiology Basic Certification Course

Why learn Applied Kinesiology?

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a truly “holistic” diagnostic technique that shows you how to find the primary blockage in your patient’s body. This takes the guess work out of your treatment plan. Imagine if your patient would walk into your office and they would show you exactly what you need to do on that visit to get them well! This is what Applied Kinesiology can do for you if you become proficient with it!

AK is the original muscle testing technique developed by Dr. George Goodheart.

There are many, many muscle testing techniques out there but this is the one where it all started. The ICAK (International College of Applied Kinesiology) course, is in my opinion, the most in-depth muscle testing course for health care professinoals out there.

It all started when Dr. Goodheart figured out in 1964 that muscles turn on and off with different therapeutic challenges. He then started researching every avenue of natural health care and kept applying them to muscle testing. In 1975 the International College of Applied Kinesiology was formed to teach other health care professionals what AK doctors have found and for these doctors to get together and keep learning what can be done.

In the basic AK course you will learn diagnosis and treatment methods in these areas of natural health:

  • Structural medicine
  • Functional biochemistry
  • Emotional therapeutics
  • Energetic modalities

Who is AK for?

If you are an openminded health care professional who really cares about getting your patients well in the most efficient way possible with natural medicine then AK is for you! AK doctors have a reputation for helping those who are the toughest patients. Personally I love when a new patient comes into my office and they say, ” no one can figure out why I am not well”. Usually with AK diagnosis and proper treatment these patients will get results!

This is an in-depth course for health care professionals.

What the Basic Applied Kinesiology Course does is takes apart what you have learned in your education to become a health care professional. Then we put it all back together with correlations to muscle testing from the structural, biochemical, emotional and energetic point to view. We restructure what you know in a functional way and show you how to look to your patient’s body for the answers you need to help them heal. For more about the Applied Kinesiology muscle testing course Click Here.


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2 Responses to Learn AK 2012

  1. Jim Ostrowski says:

    How does an AK practitioner account for the subjective judgment (personal perception) of the amount of force applied (by him/her or the subject/patient) in any particular muscle test?

    • drciprian says:

      With practice! Every person who tests a muscle and who has a muscle tested is different. It is not a strength test, but a test to see if the muscle is being facilitated by the patient’s body. This takes practice and some practitioners get the feel sooner than others. We have found out that within five years most practitioners master this skill.

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