Heart health and much more!

Physical, emotional, and spiritual associations of the heart

Heart health and more

There may be much more involved with your heart than you may of thought!

Heart disease is one of the largest killers in the United States. Diet, exercise and stress do affect the health of you heart but there is some much more involved than you may not know!

Our hearts are involved with pumping blood throughout our body but they are also involved with emotions, brain function, electromagnetic aspects of our energy fields, hormone production and much, much more.

Spirit Science of the heart

I have been interested in the Spirit Science videos on YouTube for a while now and I highly recommend them if you are open minded about spiritual concepts. Below is Spirit Science 15 – Power of the Heart. I found this video to be very informative about many different associations of the heart, new research that is being done, and about how to reduce your stress levels to help your overall health and you heart.

The people at Spirit Science have made these videos very fun and enjoyable. There are somethings that they touch upon from the previous 14 videos but in general this one about the heart is very informative on it’s own.

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