Health Professional Consulting

Dr. Ciprian can help you one-on-one in your office with muscle testing!

The most difficult part of mastering muscle testing is learning how to accurately muscle test. If you are not using the tool of muscle testing properly, it can feel like trying to make your way through the jungle without a machete and a compass!

I love to help people become good muscle testers. I believe that this tool is helping the world in a positive, impactful way. I would like to take the opportunity to help you, if you do feel that you haven’t quite figured muscle testing out.  I can also offer guidance if you feel that you simply need some fine tuning to feel more accurate with your skills, or if you want to just feel more comfortable and confident with your muscle testing and even to feel young again.

With in-office consulting, I can help you with:

  • Muscle testing exact supplement protocols
  • Prioritizing structural work/spinal and extremity adjusting
  • Finding the best course of treatment to take with a patient
  • Run down of systems using muscle testing. Ex: endocrine, digestion, etc.
  • Creating muscle testing menus and protocols so that you can be more efficient and potent at your work

If you have any questions or it you are ready to set up an in-office consultation, contact me here.

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