Believe in your ability to heal

Don’t always believe what you are told about your destiny

Believe in your natural ability to heal

Believe in your natural ability to heal

I’ve been extremely lucky to of had some miraculous mentors in my career. Over and over again I’ve heard of or personally witnessed supposed miracles.

We are all very susceptible to what authority figures tell us and in our culture. This includes the media, educational institutions, and modern medicine. Doctors have actually become like demigods. If a person with medical credentials and who wears a white coat tells you something it must be true. They have the education, they are the expert, they know your future! They can’t be wrong.

I need to you realize how powerful this is…

You are the master of your reality

One of the most powerful things that I ever heard was from one of my early mentors Dr. Howard Cohn, “Does your birth certificate have an expiration date? If not who is to tell you how long you have to live?”

Over and over again I’ve heard stories about doctors that would tell their patients things like, you’ll never walk again, you will have to live like this for you rest of your life, you’ll have to take these medications for the rest of you life, this is the only cure for this, there is no cure for this, you only have X time to live.

Do you realize how damaging this is to someone? Some people don’t accept this as their reality and prove these doctors wrong but that majority will believe their label and follow out their sentence. This is comparable to telling a child that they are stupid, ugly, bad. It shapes who we believe we are.

What our mind conceives, and our heart believes, so shall we be.

Your mind is very powerful. If you believe what you are told, your being can follow in either a negative or a positive sense. It can change your emotions, health and life. People can die because they are told they will die! Then again people can wake up one morning and decide that they are going to live and will have spontaneous remission of cancer.

I’ve known people that were told that they will never walk again and they have walked. I’ve know people that have had chronic and/or incurable pains, diseases, conditions and syndromes and now they don’t have them. I’ve know people with cancer metastasis through out their body and now they are healthy. I’ve heard of people who were blind who were able to see again, people who were deaf hear again. I’ve seen people recover from strokes, I’ve seen people with neurologic impairments walk like normal people again. I’ve seen bone fractures heal in days. And yes, I’ve even witnessed little aches and pains that were not thought to be healable subside.

I’ve seen many miracles, or shall we just say natural occurrences that we are told are not possible, but have happened. I’ve also witnessed miraculous things happen to me personally. I’ve been though a unique journey in my life and I feel like I’ve been blessed to be able to help others and to teach others.

Never let someone tell you what you can’t do

Don’t be reckless with you life or with your health. If you have a health problem work with a professional who can monitor you but who is open minded to what you want to do and maybe who is going to help you do it.

Live a healthy, balanced life. Always look to do better for yourself. But if something is not going the way you want it to, whether it is in your health, finances, or relationships with others, don’t let someone else determine your outcome for you.  You decide what you want for your outcome, then back it up with your faith, confidence, belief that you can achieve that. Then get to work and do the practical things in your life that will lead you to your goal. And surround yourself with people who support you and your goal in a positive way. One of the best ways to achieve anything is life is to find people who have already done what you want to do and surround yourself with them.


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