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Symptoms that have a time of day

24 hour acupuncture meridian clock

24 hour acupuncture meridian clock

Symptoms may show up at specific time every day for a few reasons. One is that acupuncture meridians related to your organs are on a daily schedule. Acupuncture meridians are defined paths of energy that flow through the body. They can even be measured in dead bodies with an ohm meter, so there is nothing unscientific about them. Here is the crash course on acupuncture meridian:

  • Each acupuncture meridian is also related to an organ in the body
  • Each meridian/organ combo is related to a 2 hour period of time in our 24 hour day
  • This is the time that the particular meridian/organ is strongest in your body
  • At the opposite side of the clock is when the meridian/organ combo is weakest in your body
  • A symptom that my reoccur at the same time every day may be due to an imbalance in the meridian timing

Symptoms that reoccur at the same time every day

Have you ever woke up at the same time every night with a cough? Have you ever had a headache the same time every day? Has you energy ever dropped in the afternoon about the same time every day? These symptoms may be due to an imbalance in your acupuncture meridian clock.

If you have a blockage in one of your meridians, too much energy can build up. This dam of acupuncture meridian river will cause a deficiency down stream because the flow is being held up. This snag in the meridian clock’s flow can cause a symptom of the related organ at the same time every day.

Acupuncture meridian/organ strongest times of day:

  • Lung 3-5am
  • Large intestine 5-7am
  • Stomach 7-9am
  • Spleen 9-11am
  • Heart 11-1pm
  • Small intestine 1-3pm
  • Bladder 3-5pm
  • Kidney 5-7pm
  • Circulation sex (pericardium) -adrenal glands, reproductive glands 7-9pm
  • Triple warmer (triple heater) -thyroid, thymus 9-11pm
  • Gall bladder 11-1am
  • Liver 1-3am

How can I get my meridians flowing again?

There are may ways to do this, and acupuncturists have been doing it for thousands of years. Applied Kinesiologists have also seen the importance of balancing the meridian system for holistic health. We like to use muscle testing, to have your body show us exactly where to go to unblock the dam of energy that has been formed. This will help us to see if there are any spinal imbalances, nutritional imbalances, and/or emotional problems that has caused the imbalance, or that was caused by the imbalance.

With applied kinesiology muscle testing we can examine all side of your health to make sure you have the most complete treatment possible. We strive to find the source of the health challenge instead of spending time chasing the symptoms.

If you have a daily symptom on a schedule look for a professional Applied Kinesiologist to help you get back into the flow.

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