Applied Kinesiology basic course in the Washington, DC area

2015 basic AK course in the Washington, DC area

Applied Kinesiology muscle testing

Applied Kinesiology muscle testing

There hasn’t been an Applied Kinesiology muscle testing basic certification course in the Washington, DC for quite some time. In 2015 that is going to change. We are currently looking at a few different locations in the Washington, DC metro area to hold the classes.

What is involved in the AK basic course?

This is an eight weekend course that takes what you have learned as a health care professional and apply it, in a holistic way, using muscle testing to help with diagnosis. You will learn how to look at the body in a new way that will make your patients think that you are superhuman in nature. 

Some basic AK diagnostic procedures are:

Functional medicine is also a big part of the applied kinesiology training. Here are some areas that are focused on:

  • Endocrine system
  • Digestion
  • Metabolism
  • Heart function

Functional biomechanics that you will learn will put you ahead of the pack:

  • Functional gait assessment
  • Sports injury treatment
  • S.O.T. pelvic categories with a muscle testing twist
  • Cranial-sacral assessment and treatment
  • Whiplash assessment and treatment

Emotional techniques:

  • Stress relief
  • Phobias
  • Acupuncture meridian emotion protocol

Who is the Applied Kinesiology course for?

The ICAK guidelines for taking applied kinesiology seminars is that the health care professionals must be licensed to diagnose in the state that they practice in. Students who are attending professional colleges that will be licensed to diagnose after completion can also take the course at a student discount.

If you have any more questions,  please contact us.

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